The Fun Well Baby Story

Get to know the story behind Fun Well Baby. We are parents just like you. 

Fun Well Baby has been in business since 2017. Our family purchased Fun Well Baby in August 2019 after falling in love with the products.


As parents, you find that products either work or they don't work.  In our experience, Fun Well Baby products actually worked and the rest is history. 


We live in Florida.  It is a MUST that our son is protected from the harsh UV rays of the sun Every. Single. Day. 

Before we found Fun Well Baby, we bought sun hats from widely known brands that just sat on the top of Emmet’s head.  We would hope it wouldn’t fall off or blow off, but it always did.   What good is a hat that doesn’t stay on the head?!  Our hats are SPF 50, fully adjustable and designed to stay on baby's head as best as possible.  There is a toggle at the crown of the head to secure it as well as an adjustable chin strap.  In the back of the hat, there is a breathable mesh panel to help keep your child cool.  We carry a size small that fits up to 17” head circumference (we’ve found they fit until 2.5 - 3years old) and a size large that fits up to 20” head circumference (we’ve found they fit from age 2.5 or 3 to upwards of age 8 depending on individual child size).  These hats grow with your child due to their adjustability.  When we put Emmet in this hat, he is protected from those dangerous UV rays that our pediatrician discusses every time we go in.  We’d love to help protect your child too.


Most parents we know cringe when they buy disposable swim diapers at extremely high prices of $1-$3 a diaper. You use them once, throw them in the garbage, and they end up in a landfill!  No thank you. We have a pool in the backyard, beautiful beaches nearby and it is one Emmet's favorite things to go to any of the nearby splash parks.  We were going through so many disposable swim diapers.  Thank goodness for Fun Well Baby reusable swim diapers.  They are fully adjustable and fit most babies 6-36lbs and we even carry a size large for larger babies and older children that need them. You literally only need 1, or maybe 2, to alternate and they grow with your baby! We are all about value and you will definitely get your money worth out of these swim diapers!


We found a lack of quality products in these two product categories and when the opportunity presented itself to buy this wonderful business, we jumped on it.  We hope to help make parents lives' easier ​and provide quality products they only have to buy once.  (Unless you love them so much that you want extras!)  We also like helping the environment, but mostly, we love our son same as you love your child(ren).  We hope you give our products a chance! 

-Cory and Rachel (and Emmet) Quinn