One Size Fits Most Reusable Swim Diaper DINO

Fully adjustable-fits most babies/toddlers 8lbs-36lbs. 

  • Fun Well Baby cute, reusable swim diapers adjust so you can continue using the same swim diaper as baby grows!
  • Reusable swim diapers do not require anything underneath.
  • Reusable swim diapers hold in poop (no swim diapers hold in pee) in a water environment.
  • These reusable swim diapers for boys and girls provide babies and toddlers with an adorable pool swimsuit that provides durable, waterproof support.
  • Ecofriendly & Reusable – Each of our baby swim diapers is washable and lighter in weight than bulky diapers that absorb water, making them safer for small babies.
  • Soft, Flexible Comfort – Crafted with a breathable polyester fabric, these newborn, infant and toddler swim diapers absorb accidents to keep pools and water cleaner while playing.
  • Beautiful Colors and Patterns – Choose from a variety of fun and colorful unisex designs!


One Size Fits Most Reusable Swim Diaper DINO


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